Doing my Masters in Quantum Science and Technology at the Technical University of Munich!

Why Quantum? I am a physicist who loves computers. The obvious intersection was Quantum Computing. Since Summer 2019, I have been doing work and taking coursework related to Quantum Information and Hardware for building Quantum Computers.

My interests are in Quantum Error Correction on the research side; Optimisation using Quantum devices on the application side. I try to keep track of the latest photonic and semiconductor qubit technologies.


In contemporary times,

  1. Research Assistant at the Quantum Applications and Research Lab, LMU. [Since Sept 2021]
    Researching metaheuristics for Physics problems with a focus on Evolutionary computing. (More on this soon)

  2. Researcher/Developer at https://latticesurgery.com [Since Oct 2021]
    Responsible for verification and developing the functionality of a compiler that aims at automating the construction of error corrected circuit.

Once upon a time,

  1. Modelling Single Photon Sources for Optical Quantum Circuits. (Summary) [Spring 2021]

  2. Stabilizer Circuits for Julia: (Summary) [Summer 2020]

  3. Simulating Approximate QEC using IBM Quantum [Summer 2019]

Relevant Course Work

Nano and Optomechanics, Photonic Quantum Technologies, Material Science, Quantum Information, Quantum Hardware (basics about the different implementation of QCs), Nanotechnologies, Semiconductor Quantum Photonics, Simulation of Quantum Devices, Quantum Many-Body Physics, Tensor Networks

Current Topics in Photonic Quantum Technologies, Journal Club Optomechanics, Advanced topics in Quantum Computing, Applications of Quantum Computing