Doing my Masters in Quantum Science and Technology at the Technical University of Munich!

Why Quantum? I am a physicist who loves computers. The obvious intersection was Quantum Computing. Since Summer 2019, I have been doing work and taking coursework related to Quantum Information and Hardware for building Quantum Computers. 

My interests lie in Quantum Error Correction. Recently I was a participant in the Quantum Error Correction Summer School organised by IBM in July '22. 

Currently working on

Master Thesis

I'm currently doing my Master thesis under the supervision of Prof. Christian Mendl and Prof. Alexandru Paler on Tensor Network methods in Quantum Error Correction. At present, we are working on benchmarking the performance of TN decoders under the presence of circuit level noise.

Researcher in QEC

From Sep 2022, I started working a stealth quantum startup focussed on Fault Tolerance in Ulm, Germany. I work there part-time in the theory/software team on research tools required for simulating and benchmarking QEC systems.


Work Experience


Relevant Course Work

Nano and Optomechanics, Photonic Quantum Technologies, Material Science, Quantum Information, Quantum Hardware (basics about the different implementation of QCs), Nanotechnologies, Semiconductor Quantum Photonics, Simulation of Quantum Devices, Quantum Many-Body Physics, Tensor Networks

Current Topics in Photonic Quantum Technologies, Journal Club Optomechanics, Advanced topics in Quantum Computing, Applications of Quantum Computing